Scientific Organizers

NY/NJ Pain Medicine Congress Organization Officials

Chairman: Sudhir Diwan, MD
Vice Chairs: Scott Woska, MD, Christopher Gharibo, MD
Course Directors: Steve Aydin, DO, Karina Gritsenko, MD, Andrew Kaufman, MD, Kristen Klein, AGNP-C

Fellows and Residents Pre-Conference Course Directors

Amitabh Gulati, MD, Sean Li, MD, and Sayed Emal Wahezi, MD

APP Pre-Conference Course Directors

Meredith George, SCP-PM, and Kristen Klein, AGNP-C

Cadaver Workshop Directors

Sudhir Diwan, MD
Victor Silva, MD
Christopher Gharibo, MD
Sean Li, MD
Scott Woska, MD
Shazad Anwar, MD

Ultrasound Workshop Directors

George Chang Chien, DO, Jesus Medina, MD, and Steve Aydin, DO

Regenerative Medicine Workshop Director

Sudhir Diwan, MD, and Christopher Centeno, MD

Scientific Program Committee

Sudhir Diwan, MD, Chair
Sean Li, MD, Co-Charir
Christopher Gharibo, MD
Scott Woska, MD
Brian Durkin, DO
Neel Mehta, MD
Karina Gritsenko, MD
Andrew Kaufman, MD
Saurabh Dang, MD
Amitabh Gulati, MD

Office of Administration

Chairman: Sudhir Diwan, MD
COO: Edward Rubin, MD
Administrative Assistant to COO: Cathy Pitbladdo
Executive Director: Sandra Vamos